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Random muttering from the East Midlands


  1. Managing Director
    A horses head trying to escape from a council house in Burton
  2. Managing Director
    Met this little chap in Peterborough. First cheerful person I met that day.
  3. Managing Director
    A surprised wall in Peterborough
  4. Managing Director
    Spotted in Notts, Ebay is quaking in its boots
  5. Managing Director
    Met this chap who'd wheeled his BBQ through his house out into the street to cook some chicken. In a storm. In December. You've got to really love chicken to be that kind of dedicated.
  6. Managing Director
    It would appear that a: Liam Neeson might have moved to Ilkeston and b: Taken 4 looks pretty rubbish now its moved to Ilkeston.
  7. Managing Director
    I see loads of these on a daily basis. Naught boy.
  8. Managing Director
    Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder